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When the Unicorn Jumps out of the Quilt

This is the text of a talk that I gave to the women’s group at my mother’s Unitarian church on December 6th.  It contains potential mild spoilers for The Secret Country, The Dubious Hills, Tam Lin, and Juniper, Gentian, and Rosemary. People who are very familiar with any of these scenes may notice that I have changed them slightly [...]

Firebirds Rising

The original anthology Firebirds Rising, edited by Sharyn November, includes my short story “Cousins,” which is a Liavek story and the first piece of fiction that I’ve published since 1998. Here’s the cover. Here’s a link to a review that actually quotes a bit from the story. And here is a more detailed review of [...]

Going North News

I’m still working away at Going North, the joint sequel to The Dubious Hills and The Whim of the Dragon. The Dubious Hills will be reprinted in trade size the same year as the new novel is published, and, to my great joy, will contain at the end the novella “Owlswater,” originally published in Jane [...]

Good News for Devotees of Tam Lin

Whether you read a library copy long ago and have never been able to find your own; or whether you are cossetting a falling-apart copy held together with duct tape, packing tape, blue ribbon, rubber bands, or hair ties; or whether you are not a devotee, having not ever found a copy at all, but [...]

Old News

Here’s the oldest of the old news, carried over from the previous site: Older News Pamela Interviewed on Geek World There’s an interview with Pamela on Geek World. Sample Copies Arrive! Sharyn November sent samples of the reissues of the first two of the Secret Country books, due for release in October. The Secret Country [...]