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Firebirds Rising

The original anthology Firebirds Rising, edited by Sharyn November, includes my short story “Cousins,” which is a Liavek story and the first piece of fiction that I’ve published since 1998. Here’s the cover.

Here’s a link to a review that actually quotes a bit from the story. And here is a more detailed review of the anthology as a whole.

I was going to list my favorite stories, but after having read so many reviews of the book that did not mention mine at all (this is indeed the fate of most short story writers whose work appears in anthologies); mentioned it favorably but only in order to beat up on somebody else’s story; or contained weird notions of what YA is and whom it appeals to and why—I don’t think I will. I think it’s a brilliant anthology, as it would also be if I did not have a story in it, and I will just leave matters there.

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