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Good News for Devotees of Tam Lin

Whether you read a library copy long ago and have never been able to find your own; or whether you are cossetting a falling-apart copy held together with duct tape, packing tape, blue ribbon, rubber bands, or hair ties; or whether you are not a devotee, having not ever found a copy at all, but are curious, rejoice.

Here is the cover. Carleton people, take especial note of the bridge and of the building in the background.

The Firebird reprint of Tam Lin will be officially released in early August of 2006, and can already be pre-ordered from Amazon or Barnes and Noble or Powells. This reprint, like the earlier ones of the Secret Country Trilogy, was made possible by Sharyn November. Unlike the earlier ones, this is a trade paperback (in the common meaning of a larger size).