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Going North News

I’m still working away at Going North, the joint sequel to The Dubious Hills and The Whim of the Dragon. The Dubious Hills will be reprinted in trade size the same year as the new novel is published, and, to my great joy, will contain at the end the novella “Owlswater,” originally published in Jane Yolen’s fine original anthology Xanadu, now sadly out of print.

People have written to me expressing the hope that their favorite characters from the earlier books will show up in Going North. Since they don’t always say who those characters are, I have found these missives difficult to answer. It’s also the case that books do not ususally go as the author planned. I can say fairly confidently at this point, however, that Arry and Ruth will figure very prominently, that Fence and Randolph will be important to the events chronicled, and that Ted and Laura will make several appearances, as will their parents.