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Old News

Here’s the oldest of the old news, carried over from the previous site:

Older News

Pamela Interviewed on Geek World

There’s an interview with Pamela on Geek World.

Sample Copies Arrive!

Sharyn November sent samples of the reissues of the first two of the Secret Country books, due for release in October.

The Secret Country Books Are to be Reprinted!

This very year. Thanks to the amazing Sharyn November, they will be reissued by Firebird, an imprint of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.

The first two will be out in October of 2003 and the last one in December of 2003, in mass-market paperback. I’ve been allowed to correct a continuity error in The Secret Country and to put in the dedication and acknowledgements that the original publisher left off The Hidden Land, but there aren’t any other intentional changes in the text.

Here is what the covers look like. I am deeply pleased by them. The artist is Steve Stone.

In other news, I am writing steadily away on a Liavek novel called This Green Plot, which I hope may be bought by somebody someday soon.

There’s an interview with me in the January 2001 issue of the online magazine Strange Horizons.

I’m very nearly out of hardcover copies of Tam Lin. I have enough to cover outstanding orders, which means those received by 01/03/01. I have slightly more than that, so if your order is still in a tangled state — say you ordered and never sent the check, I inquired, you said you’d send the check but still didn’t; or I deposited the check six months ago and you still haven’t seen your book but haven’t gotten around to saying anything — send me email and we’ll see what we can work out.

Felix Strates has created a site called The Annotated Dean with annotations for most of my books.

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